Friday, August 28, 2015

A Wild Flower Maddening Flower Faerie Cat Lady

that would be me today;0)!!! 


how are you? hope you are having a good day!

just came back to my house after having been creating another flower faerie at the below location. not sure how i feel about this one since i had trouble with my tripod...!!! i could not get it to tilt down so the camera would look down on me. maybe i need a better one!? or maybe it can do this and i could just not figure it f-ing annoying! sorry for swearing but i was beyond irritated.

anyways, yesterday looked like this:

captured the wild flower garden i was shooting in today. then went back home to play in camera raw and later in exposure:)) such a faerie tale place this is.

on my way home on lordship lane i passed the flower shop of john alan and captured these beautiful pink roses. i love the app lo-mob, try it if you have not heard of it! 

my garden perfection:)
what greeted me on my return home
no matter what i whistling, jumping up & down, even talking hello hello pay attention to me kind of thing.....nothing helped! these two completely ignored me and on top of it all i was so boring it appears, that this one decided to yawn at me hahaha:)))!!!

some anaïs nin for you:

i always endowed madness
with a sacred, poetic value,
a mystical value. it seemed
to me to be a denial of
ordinary life, an effort to 
transcend it, expand, to go
far before the limitations of
the human condition.

-the diary of anaïs nin
volume 1 1931-1934

stay mad
alice solantania saga

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