Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Stay Candy Cute Original Brilliant


how are you all? hope you are doing wonderfully well!

 i am using this part of the summer to plan my new adventure and how this blog fits in there. too how i wanna live my life! how to be as good possibly to our planet earth! defining what i stand for in the whole of things! to stay healthy and energetic so that i can create as much as possible! to learn every day from all the wonderfully talented and inspiring people daily. 

to inspire candy cute brilliance 

also loved what my best friend, therese  blurted out to me on her wedding day:))) in regards to if things don't happen the way i/ we want the first time trying:

vintage praire

an outfit for going back to the roots & such thingies

vintage praire blouse and skirt
antique cross necklace (gift from my mom many years back)
ecco sandal

beauty the wild way from this morning:)
wild garden

alice solantania saga

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