Friday, December 11, 2015

A Magic Story Is Now Sold At

i am so proud over my book a magic story:) i know you will love it. it's 58 pages full of magic, inspirations and wisdom from people like anaïs nin, walt whitman, marcel proust, victoria ericksson, shakespeare and some faerie magic dust:)) a perfect christmas gift for someone special!
alice solantania saga
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before i created a magic story, i did create another book:) it's only images and captures the year of creating the faerie tales of violette. it can be bought but it is more of a personal project. one can view the first 15 pages and buy it here.

it's just a faerie tale
fairy tale

i started working on my first zine. the work name is pagan poetry. it will be out february 14th, the day my new year starts:) a faerie tales of violette one!!! 

started going through all my works. editing, brainstorming and i am full of ideas:))) 
praying girl
Nunhead Cemetery

alice solantania saga

"don't wait for it," i said. "create a world, your world. alone. stand alone. and then love will come to you, then it comes to you. it was only when i wrote my first book that the world i wanted to live in opened to me.” 

- the diary of anaïs nin, vol. 1: 1931- 1934

create your own world 
alice solantania saga

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