Thursday, February 04, 2016

My Quirky Yummy Ballerina Art Tuesdays:)

i fell in love with a young man today & he has no idea. i noticed him while waiting for the train at denmark hill to take me to victoria station, he looked impeccable. the suit and jacket with shoes was designer top to toe, or maybe not, since he would be one of those that no matter what he wore it would look designer. the round harry potter glasses:) the quietness and calmness of him. then the train came and i sat down to rest to some music. 8 minutes later waiting for the sliding doors to open at victoria he stood next to me and i thought to myself...this young man will do great in life. then busy off to the tube/ subway and i happen to walk behind him when suddenly down the stairs he apporached a lady with a baby in a carriage, he offered to carry up the carriage. if you are a londoner you know that victoria station does not have a single elevator. i was in love. he made my day happiness. the only thing i regret is that i did not stay to say thanks...thanks for his existence!

but this was not what my post was to be about:))) 

i adore my tuesdays. not only do i have ballet & art class, it is too my yummy day full of peanut butter & chocolate:))) and some magazines to devour!!! i created a little film for you. enjoy it!

again, join an art class. it is such happiness for ones soul.
still life art class
my work station:)

as a child & teen i danced for about 30 hours/ week. i am finding my way back surely yet slowly!

the family of 3

when i am guiding you around peckham rye park, this is what i am talking about:)


my ever first self-portrait, actually the first click!
recognize the tree from my movie:)?
wearing my step-mom's dress from the 70's
cherry blossom tree

dying swan

i make chocolate "sandwiches":)))!!!
a middle full of peanut & almond butters:)
for lunch & dinner
almond butter

i love daphne's diary, flow & pop
daphne's diary
natalia vodianova is on the cover of pop. i adore her. i have worked with her some years ago when i was at the times. it was a "party" together with her (then) husband and his friends with maria-carla boscono & frankie ryder. natalia has SUCH energy! she shines, i think it is called charisma:)

i captured a polaroid of natalia wearing dior and her grandma's pearls
natalia vodianova
happiness perfection!!!

i have gotten almost all the material for my first magazine, pagan poetry and monday i am to start laying the whole thing out. page by page and am SO excited. i have even started  planning issue 2 & 3. it will be 3 issues / year. it is all about 3. the golden circle. god, jesus & the spirit. why, how, what. alice, linda & violette:)

millions of lovely happiness to you

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