Tuesday, March 08, 2016

I Am A F. W.

working on the faerie tales of violette's issue 2
i am a f. w.

as in all our issues there will be 3 fashion stories, one will be of all the girls i have photographed in my garden:) a taste below:

jessie dunne

kathleen o'brien

front of the book will have its own little magic editorial
it will be a project between me & the talented artist polina barskaya
here you can see me working on my flower faerie project i created this past summer, am making image transfers.

one of the fashion stories will be martina olsson's mermaid story
as styled by my sister linda portman
linda portman

one of the interviews will be with the 
much talented
dilka bear
dilka bear

my friend peter will create a review of the fall 16 shows that violette fell in love with:)
clockwise from top left: marchesa, simone rocha, rochas & rodarte
below is gucci
all images from vogue.com
no clue in regards to its cover but it will come to me. it needs magic.

magic = 2016

so happy 9th of march

these past 4 years and 9th of march:)
clockwise from top left: 2015, 2014, 2013 & 2012

i wish you a magic wednesday
alice solantania saga


lisa said...

beautiful mermaid!!! how perfect for summer warmness :) ahh, i am loving the fall fashion collections, so romantic ♥♥ looking forwarding to reading about them!

Alice Saga said...

yes right:))) i adore this girl, michaela:)) such a wonder. me too, i mean looking forward to read peter's review:) he is a lawyer in new york & loves culture and especially music!