Monday, March 14, 2016

Then Like Now Forever

alice solantania saga
this image above is actually from a time when i started to become obsessed with photography. i shot anyone & everyone plus anything. so of course on all shoots i came on with my sister linda i shot behind the scenes photos. i have behind the scenes photos on every single shoot i have been on. so this image is a behind the scenes photo of the beauty ilda (elite stockholm) which i had printed out yesterday from a little shop in peckham called quick print. when home i did an image transfer on to water color paper and then added some pastels, acrylics & glazes. took a photo of my mixed media and then had some work done in photoshop. i have fallen in love with this craft of working with my photography together with my art.

here is a work in  progress
it is from one of my self portrait series
please dear god in the heavens; 
have mercy upon my soul
the angel cried
fine art photography

something significant happened yesterday.
my ever favourite band has decided to quit.
this band was a love i shared with someone i loved
in december of this year they will go separate ways
i can't believe it.
it felt like the last thing of my  relationship is gone
they announced it
like this:
then like now forever
då som nu för alltid

this wonder called, kent has been ever source of inspiration for me. for my work. i will do another one as a homage, då som nu för alltid.

i love you forever & ever kent

happy tuesday beautiful creatures
alice solantania saga


pagan poetry
the faerie tales of violette

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