Friday, April 22, 2016

A Creative Magic Cat Life;0)

i finally live in a way i love
full of

vatican angel

the above are works in progress that falls into a new category of mine i call:

news about our
faerie tales of violette
issue 2
i am a f. w. 
can be read here

faith hope love

this kitten....has transformed my life. yesterday i was so sad over lost time & such things,  all i could think of before coming home was PLEASE sweetness come visit. it took 30 seconds and she was with me:))))) my friend ella told me that cats sometimes enters ones life to save ones soul. i think that is it. this love came to my life for a reason.  



i am featured in the swedish church london's magazine. it's quite a heavy issue so i contributed with beauty and a very personal poem by nils ferlin. my dad with siblings put that poem on the announcement of my grandma passing away in our local newspaper (called bohuslänningen covering the area of bohuslän in sweden). since this issue was focused on loss and wishing loved ones back this little page sort of tied together it all for some hope.

the lovely cover looks like this
if you know swedish, one can read this magazine

our life is a fairy tale
a dream
it shimmers in the rainbow colors
for a minute
it bursts and falls
the dream is over

cherry blossom girl

cherry blossoms

vårt liv är en vindfläkt,
en saga, en dröm

en droppe som faller
i tidernas ström

den skimrar i regnbågens färg
en minut

brister och faller
och drömmen är slut

- nils ferlin

now i am off for a couple of ballet classes at the studio of pineapple. i wish you could be there too:) these people in there are just wonderful. it's just the openness and happiness that one is there to share the beauty of our passions. then i am back home to hopefully see some magic in my wild flower garden and for sweetness to come visit:)))

i wish you a magic happy


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