Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Angel Art, Magic Cats & A Some Faerie Tales of Violette Sweetness

the productivity of mine....hallelujah! 

it has been a week:)

here is a glimpse in to our world

mixed media art
poem by my dear faerie tales of violette family member

linda marina portman

alice solantania saga


some works in progress:)
mixed media

the gift of health
keeping me alive

a daily reminder of mine:)

our weekend
looked like this
oh dear!!!
 i SO need to get my own cat.....i wonder if sweetness would get jealous hahaha:)))
the love has become an addiction

here are
some film stills
of our weekend:)

cherry blossoms

alice saga

cat magic



mixed media art

too i have organised my house, all my books & inspirations. plus finally created an about us page & how to contact me. one can click on the link on the upper right corner or click here:) to see/ read it.

i wish you all a creative magic 
rest of our week 
beautiful creatures
millions of love
alice solantania saga

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combing your hair in a brand new style