Thursday, June 23, 2016

a faerie tales of violette week

it's been quite a few days. 
our 2nd issue 
i am a f. w
was published yesterday

i too worked on some of my
summer flower faeries
self-portraits i created last summer:)
flower faerie
fine art photography

 some spreads 
work in progress:)

dilka bear

linda marina portman
there is such a magic section too as created
faerie editor
lisa lily rose
a bird diary:)

monday was sunshine
i looked like this
jil stuart dress
antique cross necklace
vintage bangles
office ballerinas

i feel such relief now:) i mean finishing our 2nd issue, so happy! today i started a gardening class and i met a couple of lovely woman and a paul:) was exposed to such beauty as well!!! looking forward to my art class tomorrow, poetry class saturday & the such fun class of acrobatic gymnastics on sunday:)

i hope you are having the most wonderful week:)

our new issue:)
alice solantania saga

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