Monday, July 25, 2016

Endow Madness with a Sacred Poetic Mystical Value, Transcend & Expand

thoughts after this weekend is....happening!

other from that:)
i am
working on our, the faerie tales of violette, 3rd & fourth issues:)

child in time
independent magazine
front cover:
 mixed media: violette amorina portman
photography: alice solantania saga
styled by linda marina portman
sophia wears a dress by carven

back cover:
the magic of dilka bear

faith hope & love
independent magazine
photography: milla slertman
styling: linda marina portman
svieta wears a dress by marc jacobs

a little work in progress
by me:)
analog photography love
a while back i created a story featuring the magic of the the designer vivetta. this above image is from that shoot:) now a mixed media piece.

i am a f. w.
faerie tales of violette
our faerie magic editor
put this up on instagram when having received our issue:))

paulina gora
paulina góra's share on Facebook:)))

simona candini 
created a little film when having received the issue:)))

thanks all family members of violette:)))
so grateful for your presence in our lives!!!

some inspirations for you to devour
pinterest perfection
please if you have any idea whom to credit for the above magic:)
please let me know!!!

audrey munson
audrey munson by arnold genthe

edward herbert
george edward herbert

tim walker
 the magic of tim walker:)))
violette faeries

alexander mcqueen
the above image is a feature of the wonderful creations by alexander mcqueen. who on earth is the  photographer? please if you know, email me/ comment:)))

i always endowed madness
with a sacred, poetic value,
a mystical value. it seemed
to me to be a denial of 
ordinary life, an effort to 
transcend it, expand, to go
far before the limitations of
the human condition.

- anaïs nin
the diary of anaïs bin
volume 1 1931-1934

i adore this mademoiselle:)))
anaïs nin diary

happy week to you all
i wish you compassion & love
alice solantania saga

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