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the wonders
 doll maker

where did you start your journey? please tell us about yourself!
i learned to draw at a russian art school in the soviet union. it was many years ago. then i began to teach painting and drawing to children in ukraine. i like to create any art objects. i work in Serbia now.

where in your journey are you now?
today i continue to create dolls and i have no time for anything else. many people from around the world want to get, buy my dolls. i have work/ orders planned until the end of this year. i dream for the time to create some dolls for myself to hold a personal exhibition of my works.


how were you taught your craft?
i didn't learn to create dolls. one day i wanted to make something interesting to myself. and i very much liked it. it appeared that in a doll it is possible to express many emotions. so i created my own style.

what are your passions? and how did you find them?
the only passion for me is the beautiful world round me. i love music and architecture. it inspires me. when i happen to be in different/ various places i try to remember faces of people which were pleasant to me. everyone sees my dolls different, just like all people are special & different from each other.

is there something specific that drives your creativity? do you live by a mission/ purpose and if so, what is it?
i have no specific goal in my creativity. i only share my point of view to the world the way only i can. and if people continue to love my works i will continue to create dolls.

what is your favourite faerie tale and why?
in the childhood i read many russian fairy tales. i well know classical literature. one of my favourite writers is theodor dreiser. and for me, as an adult woman, the fairy tale "alice in wonderland" is interesting to me. the particular interest is caused by the imagined situations in transformation of forms and scenes. it reminds me of some dream where there is no logic any more, but there are many actions.

helena oplakanska

what are you most excited about in this present moment?
at the moment i think a day has to have not 24 hours, but 36 for examle. it is a joke, but i really worry due to the lack of time.

where, what, from whom do you draw inspiration for your work?
i find inspiration for the work in the variety of our world. i like to see all different and i never loved unification. very often i am asked to create a doll as like as two peas like one of those that were before. but i want to create every time a new image.

how wonderful helena:) like we are all unique and special. as are your dolls!

fave mediums and tools?
i prefer to work with the baked plastic. for this purpose i use different adaptations. creation of a doll requires a lot of things: from threads with pin to hairspray. really it involves a set of many different tools.

daily habits/routines?
i prefer to work every day till late time. and when many people already have dreams i can drink a cup of night coffee. 

what are you dreams for the future? your aspirations!
of course, Iihave a dream of a personal exhibition like any artist. but i have no own dolls. so i constantly appear in the shoemaker's situation without boots.

what is your definition/ dream of a perfect life?a perfect world?
all my dreams of a wonderful life on this planet can be read in john lennon's lyrics of "imagine". He sang about all that i would like to tell.
we are surrounded by harmony and we have to take care of the surrounding nature.

helena, that is my mother's all time favorite song! when imagine is played on the radio, she is the one i am thinking of:)

what's a one thing accredited to your (daily) successes?
probably it is a sunny day. the sun and greens of trees are that first condition which has to be around me every day. i rejoice to short winter.

what brings you happiness?
my happiness is my family. i rejoice when i see new works of my daughter. she's takes the picture of my dolls. the teddy bears and bunnies she creates are well-known around the world too.

do you have any advice to someone starting developing her painting skills and living a life as an artist?
I would like to give only one advice: it is necessary to develop in itself abilities to watch variety of all round itself and to learn to embody this variety in drawing and in a sculpture. It is necessary to try to see beauty everywhere.

thanks so much helena:)

helena oplakanska
interview by alice solantania saga

this interview was part of our, the faerie tales of violette, first issue/magazine which was called pagan poetry and was published february 14th of 2016!

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alice solantania saga

helena oplakanska

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