Thursday, August 25, 2016

diary 272: just because it's black in the dark; doesn't mean there's no color


how are you all? i hope you are having a joyful end of august days.

as you may know i wanna keep this little space of mine a joyful inspirational place to come visit. but to be honest right now it would be truly dishonest of me if i pretended to be filled with joy. see i have struggled with my mental health since i was a child, i am not ready just yet to say exactly what i have been/ and am still struggling with. the hardest journey i have ever been on is this one that started in feb. 2014, it had been building up over the course of a little more than one year. i started to get my life back in order in november of last year thanks to medication and therapy for a year and a half with day care in a very amazing hospital. obviously (or at least for me) there were many many practical issues i had set aside, i could only focus on staying well for the longest time. i am slowly starting to get things in order:) however, recently there has been a couple of seriously worrying stressful things happening. my medication sort of deals with all the worries and stress, but the other day my psoriasis is back. as a 6 year old to soon turn 7 i was diagnosed with this, the stress then was starting school. the little me, i feel such compassion. in the beginning i only had it on my elbows but soon it was covering my whole scalp, it was awful. so itchy which made it bleed by me scratching. i was too ashamed about this. 6-7 years later it slowly healed. and now it is back. on top of this, my gas is not working which = ice cold water. i need to take magnesium baths now to do all i can to not have this thing flare up that badly again. 

so whatever i say here i am telling myself:)

on a lighter note, i have a little team behind me so i am not alone:)
paris, thank you for today!


just because it's black in the dark
doesn't mean there's no color

-from her song 

so despite me being severely stressed and most of the times, feeling unsafe there are good moments too:) for example when i was invited for tea at my friends sue's house and to meet her beatufully furry kitty katty:)))  was such a precious moment for me:) next week we are to explore charity & junk shops in crystal palace:) 

meet tia:)

at the moment
with above 25 degrees:)
comfy comfy comfy
soft soft soft



h&m sunshine top
top shop softy cotton shorts
bangles from screaming mimis
salt water sandals

another day,i liked my braid:)
the white thingy is paint, i am truly by the day looking more and more like a bonafide artist...!!!

how i am praying for my own little kitty:)
arnold genthe
the beauty above with her magic
audrey munson

here is a little thingy. another amateur documentary showing bits & pieces in my life:)
from this past week actually
yes there can be colours even though it seems
such darkness


cat magic

tower bridge


sweetness alice in wonderland

antique dolls

vintage bridal

the wonders of cats

angel poetry

faith hope love
alice solantania saga

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