Wednesday, June 14, 2017


hey lovely people:)

summer finally came here in epping😊 
today = 24 degrees and i am very happy about that. and so it will continue for a little bit. i have gotten used to using my new table, going back and forth between computer table and my new art / reading table💜  
i am still working on my faerie series, found one of my brides too:) 
went to columbia road's flower market last sunday and got myself some roses, such beauty. i love that place, filled with blooms. i am to go there monthly i hope. i am too dreaming of rose & tulip, hopefully these 2 will be part of my life💕💜💕💜 soon😊

 i was contacted by a lovely place, paperless post to create some invites using my own works.
super easy to use. for folks whom does not create their own works there are many many variations of designs to choose from as an option to your own images.

i created some imaginary events of mine💜
can't wait for my magic days filled 
wonders, kittens, and literary likeminded beautiful creatures:)
paperless post
created many and am still creating
here are my 5 first invitaitons
all self-portraits
paperless post

paperless post

paperless post

paperless post

my new home:) or shall i say new table!
my beautiful roses from the market.
alice saga

artist house

artist home

meet faerie cordelia
alice saga

the wishing well bride

the magic of columbia road flower market
alice saga flowers

alice saga

alice saga

this magic place was taken last year when i lived in east dulwich. a place i miss tremendously much.
wild garden

my ballerina journey finally continues this week:)
alice saga

believe in the faeries
who make dreams come true.
believe in the wonder,
the stars and the moon.
believe in the magic,
from faeries above.
they dance on the flowers,
and sing songs of love.
and if you just believe,
and always stay true,
the faeries will be there,
to watch over you!

i wish you a wonderful weekend filled with wonders
faith hope love
alice amorina solantania saga

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