Wednesday, September 13, 2017



beautiful creatures😊

fall is officially here, oh dear how it's starting to get really cold in the early hours! anna karenina mornings based out of saint petersburg & moscow = 💜 the language of tolstoy is beyond romantic, notes are taken many ideas projects to create. 

 lily, was bewitching in her naïve astonishment at everything
dove like purity
a mysterious poetical veil

- anna karenina inspirations as written by tolstoy
(me paraphrasing) 

the cherry blossom girl is getting to be a large series body of works
for a while, this house & garden for me was happiness beauty
cherry blossom girl

another version of the above
here meet the cherry blossom twins💜
cherry blossom twins

cherry blossom girl

sweetness goodness
i am yet to print this one out as a postcard with a couple of additional words, a welcome to join in on a wonderful day filled with sweets and such thingies.
sweetness goodness

the magic of haberdashery
haberdashery pastels

the greetings of love
cat epping

at home happiness outfits
 viktor & rolf for h&m heart jumper and a skirt from the same chain with a prada belt.
alice saga artist style
 primark jumper, top shop skirt and a marc by marc jacobs hairpin:)

my little flowery flat at the moment:)
those blooms😊😊😊
flower bouquet
 bewitching astonishments
all times beauties
artist quirky interior

a couple of kitchen corners
i love love love antique china
antique china
mix mix mix💜
artist kitchen corner

end of summer/ beginning of fall mainly vintage outfits
vintage style



i did have a wonderful lovely sunshine afternoon with this man
at a cuteness typical english pub
the forest gate inn 
 epping, essex
forest gate inn

here's a reel of some of my fine art photography & self-portraits 
while reading
the poem
look to this day

if you've been with me long you do know that i did a 365 day project of creating a collage a day. this was one of the ones i created on my ipad.
the beauty of becoming
caterpillar becoming beauty

next week i'll show you a quirky little new movie of mine while reading a passionate letter that napoleon wrote to his josephine in 1797, yes there are too some quirky dance moments and such things as usual 😂

stay bewitchingly naïve at all times

faith hope love
alice amorina solantania saga

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