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happy wonderful october to you all lovely creatures😊

this morning i finished tolstoy's anna karenina and it's such devastating beauty, such love & such despair. the poetry of leo tolstoy💕💜💕💜 if you have not read it, read it or rather listen to it:) maggie gyllenhaal reads it and she is phenomenal! find on audible:)

all the diversity, all the charm,
 and all the beauty of life are made up of light and shadow
- leo tolstoy, anna karenina

vronsky: he would be sorry for it... he tried to think of her how she was when he met her the first time at a railway station too, mysterious exquisite loving seeking and giving happiness and not cruelly revengeful as he remembered her in that last moment.
levin : oh yes oh yes💗 my god i thank thee
kitty: yes only be like your father
freedom love essence💕💜💕

i am now to learn finally the art of speaking french
i got some cd's and books for children😂 that should be easy enough right? or maybe not!!! we'll see:)) the wonders of anna karenina inspired me to do this:)

this week/ month is when all my classes are finally starting:) i am longing to meet wonderful human beings together with growing as an artist and as a person. today is a day to plan all and go through all i have saved to "do later" and see what i need to get done and what's not really that important. i wanna have my house as inspirational as can be, to have it be ready for all these adventures of a 2017 fall.

a selfie from the other day:)
artist interior

working slowly slowly on our 3rd issue 
the faerie tales of violette
which is named
faith hope love

independent magazine

independent magazine
front cover photographed by camilla slertman and styled by linda marina portman
back cover magic art by dilka bear

my home💜
i love love love my record player. vinyl and its sound is really perfection. 
für elise is pure magic
vinyl love

thank you note
 i printed out one of my cherry blossom images, it's a gift to a tony whom have helped me with my life:) 
antique dolls

abundance interior

artist october

abundance lover arist

freddies flowers

a reading arty table

an artist interior home

some day's i dress up, just because it puts a smile on my face😊
ank rouge lolita
 ank rouge blouse & dress

quirky outfit
 vintage cardie & jumper
top shop skirt

liz lisa
liz lisa dress

laura ashley dress
 vintage laura ashley

liz lisa
 another liz lisa outfit

rebecca taylor romantic
going out in one of my fave coats:) it's by rebecca taylor!

the below 2 images are from my
i am a dream
self-portrait series
inspiration isadora duncan
 an ongoing project 
the magic of creation
isadora duncan inspired

obsession tolstoy = YES

some film stills from my little "documentary" reading a love letter by mr. tolstoy


quirky artist
quirky artistry

quirky artistry reading

many mornings devouring anna karenina with the forest of epping.
epping forest mushroom

i follow this girl and her mother whom holds the account on instagram. this talented ballerina ava bernardi is such a magic inspiration:) and usually the posts usually come with encouraging wisdoms:)
the below image is from/ by dan swinson though
dan swinson

and this image is from the bernardi's instagram:)
ava bernardi
found a tiny film of theirs on youtube:)

oh to see the beauty in the both the light & shadows
dear god i thank thee
faith hope love

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