Monday, March 12, 2018

an artist workspace & a summer in the gardens

hey wonderful beingsπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’œ

it is finally much warmer here in epping, uk. this is after a spell of siberia winds coldeness which had me in despair, how on earth can the weather be so detrimental to ones being??? anyways, now we have rain instead every day, but that is what the flowers and trees needs my aunt always reminds me off which is so lovely to be reminded of...!!! anyhow now i do agree and  i can not wait for the blossoms to arrive:))) 
it's been a week of creation for me. i feel so inspired!!!

tell me, how has your week been? and what are your plans for the coming days?

i am super excited since i am to get a new phone tomorrow. the one i had broke down completely so it's been a tiny while of no phone. but tomorrow:)))other from that i think i may go to an art class with my former art teacher in peckham is having in a few days. it makes me bloom just thinking of it:)))

my morning walks are finishing off tolstoy's war & peace. such wonders. the audio book is simply put so amazing as was the book of anna karenina which by the way was read by the talented maggie gyllenhaal (whom i have met and worked with by the way).

an artist home 
 my work station/ art creation space

one of my faerie girls is now finishedπŸ’œ

here she is work in progress😊

pineapple beauties from columbia road's flower market

the other day in epping forest
late winter soon to be an early spring finally:)))

i too devour inspirations and tear out wonders from newspapers and here is a tear from harpers bazaar uk. i just love audrey marnay in the woodlands wearing that little head piece worthy of the red riding hood.

one of my faerie girls, i call this one 
a faerie girl in butterfly heaven

i started a new little project filled with watercolors and affirmation words (is that a phrase???). words meaningful to me.
 art in progress
 the above is to be continued working on tomorrow:)

we are gold
you and me

i am assimilating my polaroids/ diana/ holga images from a summer when i photographed such lovely girls in my garden in east dulwich. i call it "a summer in the gardens". i miss my place so much. that summer was magic.

a summer in the gardens
photography & styling by me
model: jessie dunne

whoever uses
the spirit
that is in him
is an artist.
to make
living itself
an art,
that is the 

much love
see you next week
alice saga

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