Tuesday, July 09, 2019


the spirit of a rose

is a new project of mine 🌸
(the inspiration for it is old though, i found a ballet a poem and the place 
some years ago that birthed the idea for this project)

it is timely since i have a lot of roses around in my life at the moment. 
in nature it's all around gifting my eyes with its beauty. 
then there are a couple of wonderful human rose beings
jason rose whom is teaching me to play the piano😊
 yesterday i did my first day voluntering for loughton's council taking ladies in their later years to go shopping, here i met this lovely lady liliane rose all of 92 years old whom has lived in loughton and the same house for about 70 years, is that not impressive? oh my word did i fall in love with her. so gentle so quirky such an inspiration for holding up grace. 
how she warmed my heart.

the beauty of the rose

a location
pergola hill & garden

maybe an outfit
i bought this princesse dress about a year ago, and it's when i captured this mirror selfie
i think it would be lovely as a ballerina outfit capturing the spirit of a rose a the pergola hill & garden

the magic of the red shoes

nature roses blooming  decaying in epping

a poem

open your eyelids now closed
that brush on a maidens dream;
i am the ghost of a rose
that you wore at the ball last night.
you plucked me still silvered with pearls
sprinkled like tears from the hose,
and throughout the glittering scene
paraded all night was i seen.

o you who caused my death
unable to chase it away
throughout the night, my ghost of a rose
will come to dance by your bed.
but have no fear, i shall claim
no mass nor de profundis;
this faint perfume is my soul
and from parardise do i come.

my destiny may serve for envy;
for no better death could one have
than thus to have given ones life.
for, i have your breast as my tomb
and there one the headstone where i respose
a poet has left me a kiss
and written: "here lies a rose
of which, kings are inclined to be jealous".

- le spectre de la rose
théophile gautier
the ghost of a rose
translated by david paley

the ballet inspired by the poem above💜💜💜

from the book

found this image of anna pavlova on pinterest
 she is always taking part as an inspiration for my work💜

my work in the swedish church in london and its magazine:)
the summer of 2019 issue
this magazine = such a treasure

in my little very personal text i refer to a poem by karin boye
i thought this image worked perfect with how i read and
 take in this poem. 
my grandma's understanding and
 sense of belonging to it
i am sure was very different, 
for her she felt comfort and community with dear miss boye

here is a wonderful reading of her own poem

a couple of outfits from this past week
wearing the same skirt from ann.tique
here with a rebecca taylor silk blouse

and here with a very old sunshine top from h&m

what can i say? how i adore thee let me count the ways😂😂😂

dears i'll leave you with this

when it's over, i want to say: 
all my life
i was married to amazement.
i was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.

- mary oliver

faith hope love
alice saga

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