Tuesday, September 03, 2019


of wonderful new beginnings🌸

i am back:))) fall is emerging and it feels great

i took some of august off to just concentrate on my home/ my art studio
 where i do all my practices and post production thingies.
 it has made the world of difference and
 i now have various stations for all my creations and crafts:) 
to dedicate small environments/ places to each have its own space
me happy 
it being easier to actually create my art

i have too worked on my shopify store  
(this place of mine is sooo far away from being done visually)
where i am selling some of my fine art photography prints
i hope to add some more prints plus
 finish the look of it by october

for all inbetween happenings
i do share a lot on my instagram stories😊
i mean 
a lot

i will create a more detailed blogpost next week

for now

september me in action💜😊
the life of alice saga

she is dreaming
of a life of joys and constant nourishments
fine art photography

faith hope love
alice saga

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