Saturday, July 22, 2006


What is love??? I know that millions of people has discussed this already but I want to know now. Why is it there if you constantly get disapointed by it????? Love Hurts always. I know God = LOVE but for me to seek it is two different things. How do we care for the ones we ones loved???? Do we just dump then and that's that???? Then you just move on with your life. Does that not hurt, telling you that all is done so wrongly???? Why not work on what you have? Why throw all away? Because it is easy? I am just so tired of all shady people who just speak bullshit and never says what they mean. How come I always say what I mean? Does that mean that I am strange???? Why do we not value what we have and work on that? Or are we all just to selfish to do that? Love to me is to see the beauty and ultimately the beauty comes from GOD who created us and gave us his only son for us to be saved. I am trying to focus on this part. It does not make me less dissapointed in what I have gone through. I do not want to name anyone. Just had to get it out. If anyone has something to say about this subject, email me at: Feedback PLEASE!! Tao for Comme de Garcon designed the ultimate love collection full of roses. Here are a couple of her looks. Fantastic designer who each season focuses on a new directon.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

SAD NEWS: Rochas!!!

Procter&Gamble that owns the label ROCHAS has decided to quit its RTW business with the designer Olivier Theyskens. I can only say that it is sooo sad! Olivier is such a great talent. Ones again, it is all about profit!!! I have included lots of images from the different seasons of Rochas. ENJOY!! Check out my future to be (at least planned for in the future) wedding gown, the long white with long sleeves dress, worn by the model Vlada. Just for you to know, it was VERY hard to select what looks to include here on my blogg, since there are so many looks I ADORE.

more rochas!!

more Rochas

Monday, July 17, 2006

Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is the museum I discovered first in NY. It is the one I went back to over and over. It is the one I went to see beauty and to get lost in another world. One could just go in and pick one section and it could take half a day. Here is a sample of painters one can find there! Ingres, Renoir, Sargent, Chasseriau, Goya, Manet, Whistler.......

Metropolitan Museum of Art Continued!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

New shoot for me!!!

This is not a diary but I can not help myself. Finally my shoot with Paper Magazine will happen and with the cute wonderful photographer Jenny Lexander. Shoot in Paris we will!!!! Just came back from Dublin where I styled an 8 page trendstory/ one page=one trend. Very fun it was. And it did look great so I am happy with that job. And Dublin is such a beautiful city. Here is one of my inspirations outfits for the Paper job too./ xx

Friday, July 07, 2006

Couture Fall 06

Couture is supposed to be magic! Or at least I think it shoud be magic. This season it (the few designers who still do Couture) went safe and with beautifully wearable clothes. Chanel went mod with jeans beneath, Valentino: lots of dresses, Dior: Egyptian warrior (meaning lots of dresses with ornaments and beading, but nothing special I think, just the same he does always), Givenchy I was expecting to be wonderful with this designers great potential . I am not even going to go into Armani. Christian Lacroix was a surprise though. He got his colors just right ( something that can go overboard sometimes) and his cut. Overall, there was some Goth with fantastic volumes and some fairytale wedding dresses. Check out the Mod Wedding dress at Chanel. LOVE! Leggings will stay! My favorite was Chanel and even though Givenchy could have been better, I still really liked it. I picked out some pictures for you.