Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Alice and Lindha!!!

i have gotten a lot of questions about this. We'll it's Simple. We are twins, me and Lindha are twins. Lindha started this blogg and I have taken over it. Even though Lindha sometimes goes in and says a thing or two.

My last name: Saga is from Sagum( i just changed it a little, since Saga means Fairytale in swedish),which is Lindha's last name.

Lindha is a stylist and is the one who has been in NY for 8 years. I have been most of my time in Sweden but with stints, a few months here and there, in Europe (mostly) and do only Some styling. Mostly artprojects, and I am the Muse of Polina Barsky.

We look the same, Almost.

In our fantasy world, we BOTH live in Wonderland as of now.

There you have it.


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