Monday, July 09, 2007

Steven Robinson

Is THE man who stood by Mr. Galliano for SO many years. I did talk about him when I spoked about Mr. Gallianos Couture collection for the House of Dior, but FORGOT to mention Mr. Robinson's name. I am Ashamed.

Mr. Robinson which Loyalty and Love for Mr. Galliano worked with John Galliano for over 20 years, Died only 38 years old. Mr. Robinson STAYED with Mr. Galliano from house to house, with love and compassion and with A passion. The man behind the man like the woman behind the man.

For me, the utmost trait one can have, is LOVE. But second IS loyalty. yes, Second is loyalty with a third of TRUST.

Mr. Gallianos Couture show for the house of Dior, DID show all the LOVE and LOYALTY between them. Mr. John Gallianos love for his companion Mr. Steven Robinson was being SHOWN last week at The House of Dior's Couture show for f/w 2007.

The show WAS LOVE.

This morning when i took my usual walk, i thought about this and Mr. Galliano MUST be heartbroken. Simply Put HEARTBROKEN. I think we ALL should PRAY for him. Please pray for him. His talent, is Beauty and GIven to him by god.

Tonight I will pray for him.


(and yes, the visuals ARE the same as before, just want to remind you of THE beauty)

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