Friday, November 14, 2008

Mr. Marc Jacobs S/S 2009

collection was one of my absolute favorite shows for this coming spring.

The colors, style and the sense of Americans and its culture is what made me Love this collection.

Mr. Jacobs is one of our generation's most talented designers.



Karen von TheJunction said...

Mr Jacobs rulez. Love his things did you see the his Vans?

Alice Saga said...

No, I have not seen his vans. Have to check that out.


Marina said...

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Alice Saga said...

Lovely name Marina!!! My name is too Marina after my dear Aunt who loves me more than life itself.

victoria thorne design said...

Yes, yes, yes: the artistry of Marc Jacobs has left an indelible mark on how we cannot be overstated. Once-in-a-lifetime brilliance...he and Lagerfeld have changed the world with their vision, as great artists often do.

Alice Saga said...

and lets not forget Mr. Alexander McQueen. Maybe not his S/S collection but basically all the former collections.

And Mr. Galliano of course.

But My Love is after all Mr. Marc Jacobs. As I was teased for when I was younger, honestly some sort of obsession of Mr. Jacobs talent.