Monday, January 12, 2009

The Duchess by Saul Dibb

an amazing cast of Kiera Knightley, Ralph Fiennes, Charlotte Rampling, Dominic Cooper and Hayley Atwell supports the incredibly intriguing story of Gerorgiana,The Duchess of Devonshire.

It follows Ms Georgiana's life, marrying The Duke of Devonshire which starts out with a lot of hope. A hope that her life and marriage will be full of love. Little did she know.

It's a story full of tragedy but too full of beauty. The beauty of life, its ups and downs and too that, a Costume drama Full of Stunning Clothes made me wish I lived in the 1700's. In an aristocratic environment that is.

Homage to Michael O'Connor who designed the costumes.

Keira did the best role of her life, that of The Duchess, Georgiana. Or G as she's called by the close ones.

Love too the Intimate scene between G and Bess and the passionate....with Mr. Charles Gray who went on to be Mr. Prime Minister. Mr. Charles Gray is performed by Dominic Cooper and is someone to watch.

As Always, Stunning Performance by Mr. Fiennes.

The darling Charlotte plays wonderfully Keira's mother.

GO SEE!!!! The Duchess

Truly an inspiration for me in so many ways.



Scheharazade said...

A very lovely movie !^^

i.d. said...

I STILL need to watch this movie! The costuming is breath-taking. xx

GIA said...

I love this movie!!!!!!!

Appeal to the Eye said...

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Alice Saga said...

it touched me in so many ways.

The feeling of being trapped.....then the pressure being laid upon her.

Then ofcourse, having to sacrifce your Love and the cause of effect to that love, a daughter. So Sad.

Having sad that, Oh my God, the scenery is Amazingly beautiful.

And yes Verena, we can exchange links.


cotton candy said...
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