Friday, February 13, 2009

Mickaela Tombrock

This girl is A Favorite of mine. Whatever life brings her, it will be a road worth watching. She is My Girl of Wonder.

I've styled her several times, and every time, I wish she was my little sister.

As a model, she will go far!!! School just needs to end first. There is Noone like her, the look of hers is that of a singular beauty that happens to match her personality.

mark my words, if the road of modeling is what she chooses, she is one to watch.

Me and Martina will soon have more images of her that I will show here.

love you dear Mickaela.

Lena Modigh, images 1-9
Nina Andersson, the last 4 ones.


Rita said...

Hon är sà vacker.... som en docka fràn wonderland.... :)

Alice Saga said...

ja, jag vet. Hon ar Underbart fin!!
kram pa dig rita.