Thursday, February 12, 2009

My January in Visuals!!

I take long walks every morning possible. They gets me inspired. I collect my thoughts during these walks and get millions of ideas. I am always stressed out that I'll forget an idea before I come home, to forget before I have the time to write the ideas down. Today was a day like that. I am styling 3 shoots this weekend!!! Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!! So a lot of ideas and thoughts are streaming through my head. I'm almost going crazy!!!

As you see here, and what you may know by now if you've been here a while, I am OBSESSED by Swans. The thought of when one pairs up, it's forever. Too the serenity of them floating on the water calms me down. Purity and Innocence but too a danger is what really excites me about them.

(some photos of mine can be viewed HERE)


textile Voltaire said...

oooh! very nice picks!


Alice Saga said...

thanks dear Voltaire!!