Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Project Involving Students at Berghs School of Communication with Sweden's Rookies Designers

Monday, 9th of February shows 12 designers from Moderadet's Rookies network up on big boards around Stockholm.These fashion images is the result of 6 weeks work on Berghs School of Communication together with Swedens Moderadet and Clear Channel who sponsors the project.

From Berghs School 70 students have been involved. 12 young/ new designers from Moderadet, Rookies as they are called: Drottningen av Saba, NINII, Säby, Tina Olsson, SOLBRUN, Pimpinette, mori & mimosa, Fhonetics, SisKa, lund+berg, Patouf och Sinaia.

One can vote which image you think is best, stunning, creative or what have you. This you can do on Sofis Mode site on Aftonbladet's website.

The winner will be on announced Feb. 12th at Cafe Opera.

Images/ designers here in order: Pimpinette shot by Jesper Lindstrom, NINII shot by Marta Thisner, Tina Olsson shot by Jesper Lindstrom, Mori & Mimosa shot by Jesper Lindstrom, Drottningen av Saba shot by Marta Thisner.

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