Monday, February 09, 2009

Rape. A Love Story by Joyce Carol Oates

as usual Madame Oates covers current affairs/ issues.

One being that of Authorities, in this case the police, taking matters in their own hands, like they are standing above the law. Maybe thinking they sometimes knows better what Right or Wrong is. The line is fine. Who is to judge?

Another thing, a woman who dresses sexy, is it her own fault if she gets raped?

A third, judgemental people. The ones who judges without really knowing. Without even thinking about the consequenses.

This book is told by the daughter of Teena. Teena is a stunning 30+ woman who dresses sexy. On a July 4th party, she with her daughter is at her boyfriends party. She gets offered to be driven home to her house at night, but she refuses cause she thinks it's such a beautiful night and she wants to walk home. That decision changes Teena and her daughters life forever. A violent group rape takes place that night.

The ones who rapes Teena are full of it and really never thought their lives will too change forever.

The policeman who comes first to the place of rape, his life will too never be the same.

A bond here between these peoples takes form. Love in a beautiful way but to in a disgusting way.

What is Right? What is Wrong?

A violently told story, which is a story I think has happened much to often. Again, Joyce Carol Oats has written an amazingly touching story.

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