Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alexander Roslin, July 15, 1718 – July 5, 1793

There is an exhibit at Stockholm's National Portrait Gallery: The Pre-Raphaelites and I was just amazed by all the inspiring paintings.

Since I was there at this particular museum, I Just Had to view the rest of their paintings and stumbled upon Mr. Roslin. And I must say, once again, I Am Proud To be Swedish when I see talent like this. A sensibility for beauty the way Alexander Roslin is what I Wish I have inherited.

Mr. Roslin was a Swedish portraitist who worked mainly in France. He left Sweden in 1745 and first worked as the Bayreuth courts from 1745 to 1747. He worked in Parma form 1751 to 1752 before settling in Paris. He became a successful portrait painter. At the end of his life, he was the Most successful artist in France.

Such Beauty of his, to see beyond the sitter.


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