Saturday, August 15, 2009


My summer issue arrived the other day and I always get a little overwhelmed by it. Each single issue gives me millions of inspiration and ideas. It too teaches me about photographers both from the old days and the newest ones of today, always with showing the best of talent.

First up: Dominique Tarle who is showing in Paris at La Galerie de L'Instant until October 3rd.

Dina Vierny!!! I had never heard about her but what a gorgeous girl/ woman. Too a muse to a lot of people out in the world. I will do a separate post about her and Pierre Jamet.

Rene & Radka was showing Dreams and Shadows in Italy until Aug. 2. But I am madly in love with them so I will do a whole post of their photography. Please go ahead and look at their website.

Just Jaeckin at Hotel Ateliers de L'Image until October 31st. Run go See. He is the Cult filmaker famous of Emmanuelle..! One of my Fave movies of all time.

A big article about Russel James and about Tony Kelly whom reminds me of Miles Aldridge/ Terry Richardson..!

In London at The Photographers Gallery there is now and exhibit On Reading photographed by Andre Kertesz.

Plus Guy Bourdin and Mickey Mouse!

To Shop the issue, go to Photo's website.

Images from Top: 1-3 by Dominique Tarle, 4-5 by Rene & Radka, 6-8 Just Jaeckin, 9-11 by Tony Kelly and 12-15 byAndre Kertesz.



anne said...

oooh-lala! Where can I find this magazine in sweden do you know?

Haha I luv emanuelle. xx

anne said...

Uh, I'm stupid, I just saw the link in your post to their website :)

Anyways, this blog is endless inspirational. :D


Alice Saga said...

Thank you Dear anne!!!

Yes, the magazine tells you about all the photography exhibitions all over the world.

Too large articles about various photographers in each issue.

Plus they cover up and coming ones.