Friday, August 14, 2009

Poltock & Walsh Opening Store Within Concept Store TRYPOLAR

on 57 Amwell Street, EC1 London.

I met with wonderful Alice (the cute blond girl in the denim shorts) from Relative PR and Katie (of Poltock & Walsh whom so Nicely modeled some designs for me and my camera that I felt she deserves a kiss. Such An Adorable girl...) at this brand new Store Within the Concept Store TRYPOLAR.

From Monday the store will be open to the public and will stay there for the next 5 months. I fell in love with, only God knows how many pieces.I NEED the golden dress(image 3 here) with the puffy shoulders and eggshaped body. Now!!!

In this store you will be able to customise (with the color of the fabric) your own dresses. There are two styles that are up for coloring. Pick your battle. Whatever shape suits you, is the way to go.

News must be the dog collars and the baby clothes that I J'Adore...!!.

This area that inhabits the TRYPOLAR store is Darling. If you live in London or are here just on a visit, go visit Amwell

Thanks ladies for such a good time I had viewing and feeling the store!!

(and Yes that is me looking very happy in my lilac See by Chloe dress earlier today)


Maverick Malone said...

Lovely store :) Very cool post!

xx. mavi

Alice Saga said...


L. said...

The jacket on that second picture is very cool !!
Nice fabrics !