Friday, September 25, 2009

Barbara Hulanicki: The Lady of BIBA Coming Out With New Collection for Top Shop Come January of 2010!

I ran into her inside of the Top Shop on Oxford Street!!!

She is one of the coolest ladies walking around in a pair of shoes..!! Had to approach her!!

Glad I did b/c now i know there will be a second collection of hers coming out in January in all Top Shop stores.

I own the jumpsuit and pair of shorts with her iconic prints that came out in the spring time of this year.I've had trouble to not use them too much, I don't want them to be worn out...silly I know!

Yes she was part of a design duo creating the outfits in the second image from 1967 in London.

Alice Saga
(image 1 my own. 2nd image: the moment)

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