Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Diary 11

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to All of You! I'm sending much love to you all:)

I am changing my calender for the year of 2010! And while doing that I found an envelope in my 2009 calender full of images of my family and from when I was a baby! Noooostalgia!

Too something that makes me feel good about the mess I always create around me....... I used to work for a newspaper where we had (they still have I'm pretty sure) an intranet magazine (only for inhouse employes) the eic wrote this article and one quote that I fell in love with was this:


(top row left to right: my dear grandparents, my mother with best friend, my second mom and aunt Marina, me with my grandfather Birger, me with my grandfather again, my mom with her friend Ingela, my grandmother in very cool glasses, and last but not least my uncles whom to served as my heroes when I was little)


Anonymous said...

You are the very best / BMS

Alice Saga said...

hahaha!!! pusspuss