Monday, December 21, 2009

Polina Barsky

An artist to keep the/your eye on.

I've known Polina (even though we've actually never met) for around 3 years now. It started with my blog I think, if I remember correctly she contacted me and we started emailing and decided to do this project together; my sister styling me while I took photos of myself and then I emailed the images to Polina who painted them Beautifully Amazing. We even got it published. Those portraits can be viewed HERE.

Yesterday the darling sent me her newest work and I am In Love.

Look out for my interview with her coming up here early January:)

Polina's Flickr is HERE!




Forgetmenot said...

she´s very talented indeed! :)

Christina Love said...

Love the blog!

Alice Saga said...

so happy you like forgetmenot:)

And thank you Christina so much.