Sunday, February 21, 2010

So Yes, J'Adore Madame Lady Gaga...!!!!

Source: YouTube



K. said...

I'm right there with you, darling:) She's such a beautiful human being.
I guess some people who claimed she was a one hit wonder, who wants to gain fame and recognition by wearing weird outfits, are finally waking up and realizing that she's pretty amazing artist too and she's not going anywhere anytime soon.
By the way have you seen this wonderful tribute video to Gaga's "Bad Romance" made by some collage students? If you haven't, check it out here: .
You will be amazed by how creative and funny it is!

Alice Saga said...


I will check out the tribute right now. Thank you:)

much love to you

Alice Saga said...

ohlalala!!! AmAzing! i absolutely adored their creation. I'm thinking of posting it. Don't you think?

Yes, she seems to be such an amazing person.