Friday, March 05, 2010

Diary 19: My New York

In Visuals!

I went to NY to go through my storgage, see some of my best wonderful ever friends and too just BE/ LIVE in New York the way I used to.

I stayed with my darling Camilla whom has 2 most adorably cute cats, one of them certainly became a love of mine probably because she, Snuttan, was the first love who came to greet me in the morning and stayed around me and my feet all my mornings...!!!

I went to my Church, Redeemer which has the Best Head Priest Ever, Tim Keller.

I had The Best Week I Have Had in a Very Long Time. I Love Americans and The United States of America.

St. John the Divine Cathedral...On my way to a cafe I used to go to...One of my fave cafees in New York is a Hungarian one based on the upper west side on Amsterdam avenue close to St. John the Divine Cathedral.... me in my new Hunter boots that I had to buy because of the weather I entered when coming to New York..., me at the ladies room after having a Wonderful glass of wine at Randolph's.... Snuttan, where I lived on the upper westside...right outside my door of where I used to live...Riverside Park....Barnes and Noble on 66 street and Broadway where I've had Loads of Coffes in their instore Starbucks reading All Gossip magazines I could get my hands on basically every Saturday morning sort of like my secret guilty pleasure....Central Park....Central Park 2....Art at Metropolitan Musuem which happens to be my Fave Museum in New York....Art at Metropolitan 2...Metropolitan 3, Via Quadronno used to be one of my favorite hang outs for coffe, wine and brunch....Snuttan.....Pastis and its food (my food shown here)who has the Best brunch and wonderful people...Pastis and its menu....Where I wish I could get breakfast every day if i was not thinking about my Starbucks enjoying my danish that I'd just bought reading New York Magazine which is Edited by the former head of The New York Times Magazine and transformed it to one of the best magazines around....@ Moma viewing Tim Burton's Wonderful exhibit....Moma and more of Tim Burton, Go See if you're in town...The Gap where I used to go get my denim and cute summer tops/ dresses is promoting Denim as an all over look for Summer and I am Intrigued to actually do the No No....and Last (rest of images) but certainly Not the least is Balthazar whom I went to 3 times during my week in New York because I DIE over this place every time I go for its Oysters, Wine and Coffe. I want to have lunch or brunch Every day of the week if I could:) Too they have the Best Chefs, Bartenders and Waiters..!!!


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