Friday, March 05, 2010

To Be Adored Fall 2010

These are the lookbook images!

Photographer: Saga Sig
Stylist: Linda Marina Portman
Make up: Lucy Bridge
Model: Katy Dron
Designer of TBA is Adorably Cute Binbin.

Love/ Alice


Saga said...

:) can we post it now ? xxx

Alice Saga said...

yes I would think so since everyone is showing their fall collections now:)

i LOVE it my dear.


Saga said...

woho! i love it! we did a great job! so so freezing cold that day, but so much fun :) kiss xxx

Alice Saga said...

freezing! but yes, SO Much fun:)


K. said...

great job, ladies!I love TBA.

Alice Saga said...

Yeeey to you:)

let's join the club then!