Friday, October 29, 2010

My Outfits Wednesday and Thursday!

Images 1-3:

When: Wednesday October 27th

What: My beloved Zara dress that I had to take to a Very Expensive but Wonderfully Great dry cleaner (the best in London...honestly they fix just about Anything and Everything), Jeeves, because of a belt that had stained it. A Beyond Retro sweater.Top Shop belt and shoes. Fogal stockings.

Where: Outside my house in East Dulwich!

Why: I dressed to protect myself from the cold....but being able to undress (take off the sweater) if I got too warm. Had a day of doing home work for school and then to go to school at night at CSM.

Images 4-5:

When: Thursday October 28th

What: Top Shop green jacket w/ fur collar. Zara top. H&M black under sweater. Filippa K tweed shorts. Fogal stockings. Burberry flowery print shoes.

Where: Again outside of my house:)

Why: Had a couple of meetings plus had to return some clothes to Beyond Retro. Wanted to look cute yet to feel comfortable while carrying some heavy bags...!!!!



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