Monday, November 21, 2011

Diary 104: Some Lovely Days in London

I am going to New York tomorrow:) It will be amazingly good. Can't wait now to see and be with my friend Peter and to meet so many other lovelies! This week has been far from fun, but I have tried to make the best out of the situation. What better than treating yourself by going to wonderful places and going blonder haha!!!:)

Images: 1-2 Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich where Charles Dickens used to hang out. See another photo from the inside HERE. 3 This is me yesterday showing off my new Very blonde hair as created by a cute girl (and talented) called Grace at Bleach. 4 It was my birthday about a week ago and this is a coat I got as a gift from my step father. It's from Top Shop and I love it. 5 The Ritz and a glass of Chablis can make wonders to your heart and soul. 6-7 Too the almond croissant (the best thing in the world), coffee and some inspirations from V magazine at Maison Bertaux makes me happy. 8 Wild Things in Mayfair just have the most beautiful flowers. No I did not buy any, but I pretended that I did...!!! 9 This morning:) Dulwich Woods.



Calla said...

London looks dreamy and your hair is so nice!

Alice Saga said...

Thank you!