Monday, November 21, 2011

New York

I will be doing these type of things come tomorrow. 8 long lovely days. So Happy! See you in New York.

Images: 1 me and Peter outside of Hotel Chelsea before I had a market appointment. 2 The Peninsula reading the WSJ. 3 A lovely cafe in Williamsburg which I can not remember the name of. 4 Meaghan taking my portrait which she is about to do again this time for Odalisque. 5 Soho beauty. 6 Yes I will be buying candy at this place called Economy Candy:). 7 Union Square market for fruit, vegetables and bread= Yes.

So many more things to do this time!! Might create a shoot, we'll see.



Calla said...

How nice that you are in New York! Can't wait to read about even more of your adventures there!

Such nice pictures :)

Alice Saga said...

Calla I Love New York:) so happy to be back here!!!

Hope you're having a lovely start of Thursday.