Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bon Voyage Ma Belle by Ellinor Stigle

This is Ellinor's portrait of me from today's lovely meeting at ABC Kitchen. Always the kindest spirit. She managed to shoot me while not  paying attention:).....doing what I do a million times a day, taking pictures for my diaries.

The title came from her. I am off tomorrow, time to go home to London.

Love to you Ellinor!

Too a contributor for my Coquette Journal:)!

Linda Marina Portman

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Cult of Beauty Starring Saoirse Ronan

My Inspiration Today!

Steven Meisel for American Vogue.


(source: TFS)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Self Portraits

I am practicing:) Ellinor and Meaghan are about to take my portrait. These are recent Self Portraits of mine.

Clockwise from top left: 1 This morning...Marc by Marc Jacobs printed cotton shirt. 2 Dress from Beyond Retro, Zara cardigan, Prada belt and Chanel bag. 3 Baum und Pferdgarten lilac blouse, Zara cardigan, Dice Kayek skirt and Russel & Bromley shoes. 4 Victorian blouse from Beyond Retro and Gucci bag.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love of Today: Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman always has the most beautiful Christmas windows. This is a tiny preview. I will go back early tomorrow before Church to get better pictures ( less people on Fifth Avenue then, at least I hope)!

See me?:)


Monday, November 21, 2011

New York

I will be doing these type of things come tomorrow. 8 long lovely days. So Happy! See you in New York.

Images: 1 me and Peter outside of Hotel Chelsea before I had a market appointment. 2 The Peninsula reading the WSJ. 3 A lovely cafe in Williamsburg which I can not remember the name of. 4 Meaghan taking my portrait which she is about to do again this time for Odalisque. 5 Soho beauty. 6 Yes I will be buying candy at this place called Economy Candy:). 7 Union Square market for fruit, vegetables and bread= Yes.

So many more things to do this time!! Might create a shoot, we'll see.


Diary 104: Some Lovely Days in London

I am going to New York tomorrow:) It will be amazingly good. Can't wait now to see and be with my friend Peter and to meet so many other lovelies! This week has been far from fun, but I have tried to make the best out of the situation. What better than treating yourself by going to wonderful places and going blonder haha!!!:)

Images: 1-2 Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich where Charles Dickens used to hang out. See another photo from the inside HERE. 3 This is me yesterday showing off my new Very blonde hair as created by a cute girl (and talented) called Grace at Bleach. 4 It was my birthday about a week ago and this is a coat I got as a gift from my step father. It's from Top Shop and I love it. 5 The Ritz and a glass of Chablis can make wonders to your heart and soul. 6-7 Too the almond croissant (the best thing in the world), coffee and some inspirations from V magazine at Maison Bertaux makes me happy. 8 Wild Things in Mayfair just have the most beautiful flowers. No I did not buy any, but I pretended that I did...!!! 9 This morning:) Dulwich Woods.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aëla Labbé for Coquette Journal Preview

This talented Mademoiselle created a story for my Coquette Journal. So Excited and can't wait for you to see the complete story featuring a Jeanne. The top image is her self portrait for the Contributor's Page. The second image is a treat for you. Enjoy! x alice

Saturday, November 19, 2011

How I Feel at the Moment

Like a dead angel.Please dear heaven come and take me away. The one I have ever loved is to be married, to someone else. I am so sad. x alice (image by Paolo Roversi)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Beauty of Ellen Rogers

I am sure you know of her absolute talent but what most of you don't know is the beauty of Ellen as a person. On top of it all she is beautiful on the surface:)

The top images are her self portraits for my contributors page on Coquette Journal. Which are beyond.

The other 2 images is that of the card she sent me for my birthday. This gesture of remembering me and to send me a card, together with the cross, made me feel beyond grateful that I have such a beauitful friend in my life.


Lindha Portman

Love of Today: Ellen Von Unwerth's Giffords Circus for Lula

Starring Rasa Zukauskaite.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Diary 103: A Birthday Weekend in London

It was my birthday on Saturday:) My aunt with her husband (whom I usually call my stepfather since my aunt is sort of my second mother)came to visit ( Wednesday to Sunday)me in London. It has been some beautiful days with only my actual birthday day being completely upside down:)!!Ohlalala.

Images top to bottom: 1 As you know I have gone to lots of press day's so one morning before meeting my family I went to Liberty's press day. These are the flowers outside the beautiful building of Liberty. The press day and some loves will be posted here soon. 2-4 Day three we took the boat to Greenwich which was Lovely. Only Freeeeezing. The greens is the wonderful park of theirs. We went to the most darling pub where Charles Dickens used to hang:) Trafalgar Tavern. 5-6 On that same day in the morning we went to Borough Market near London Bridge which is full of fresh produce as well as candy, mulled wine a
nd bakery's. 7-8 After all my press day's on day 2, we went to St. Paul's Cathedral. My first time and it was so beautiful. I will go to a mass here asap. 9 Hahaha. Me in Liberty's elevator:) This is how you end up looking after a morning packed of press days! I am off to meet my loves so I am happy. 10 This is a lovely pub near London Bridge called the Mug House. This is my aunt with her love. 11-12 My outfit on day 2. Vintage dress and blouse with lace beneath the dress. Barney's private label knit cardigan and my beloved cross bought in an antique store on Madison Avenue in New York (gift from my mother). 13-14 The last day, Sunday we went to an Oyster bar called The English Restaurant just off Spitafields Market. It was Lovely. 15-18 This is me on my birthday. The outer wear jacket is Marc Jacobs, Rochas lace pastel jacket, Cynthia Steffe gold blouse, Top Shop skirt and shoes, Chanel bag. 15 & 17 is me at the Adorable cafe (which has the most amazing Almond Croissant) Maison Bertaux.

Thanks my Loves for coming to visit me. It's been the best time.