Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love of Today: Marni at H&M

I am so proud of the Swedish company H&M! Such a leader in the world called fashion.

As a Swede growing up there, it was the clothes at H&M we (me and my adorable mother) went shopping for every season as a child. Later on as a teen it's where I went for my Saturday night dresses:)!

I am in love with Marni at H&M!

And Yes a certain Mademoiselle Sophia Coppola directed the ad campaign:) The first look of the campaign features our British actress Imogen Poots.

Images 2&3 are scans from Russian Vogue.

The wonders will be available to shop across the world from March 8.

My special LBD is actually created by a Mr. Karl Lagerfeld for this company.

(images from TFS)


Miss Meadows said...

As a Swede myself, I have to agree about the proud-to-come-from-the-H&M-country part! :) It has become SO big! But I do feel a bit old when I happen to say "Hennes & Mauritz" and teenagers don't understand which store I mean... ;)

Alice Saga said...

jo den kanner jag till:)!!! Hennes & Mauritz. Det tog sin lilla tid att borja saga H&M, haha.