Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diary 173: A Tiny Thursday Prepp Day

I am to style a shoot with photographer Roberto Rubalcava very soon:) I Can Not Wait:) See some images from his latest exhibiton HERE.

It's to be vintage vintage vintage. I am hugely inspired by Amanda's Dream & Awake as I am sure anyone who is following my blog knows by now. Such an adorable talent.

Went to Beyond Retro today to get some things to match the Dream & Awake pieces I have borrowed from Amanda.

Today's outfit is of course a vintage one:) The dress is from The Wild Bunches shop on Etsy.

More vintage please Amanda of Dream & Awake said, to give a dress a "Second Life":) = J'Adore!

Images: 1 Obsessed by this house in Dulwich which I pass by on my morning walks. 2 Outside my door step:) 3 Brick Lane beauty. 4 I am working on my value system and positive thinking. 5 At Beyond Retro. 6 I love love The Breakfast Club. 7 Me in my lovely dress. 

alice solantania saga

Beauty Now:

"Sagor för barnen som är som du
(Om en tunnel vid ljusets slut)
Jag är din vän och vi lär oss av varann
(Det är ett av skälen)
Ge dom ett finger och värm min hand
(I ett iskallt Ikea-land)
Du är min vän och vi lär oss av varann
(Bara ett av skälen, ett av skälen, ett av skälen, ett av skälen)"
- Extract from Kent's Parlor as written by J.Berg.


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