Monday, October 08, 2012

Diary 181: My Weekend in Uddevalla, Sweden

My weekend has been packed with friends & family! As I said when I was a little girl..... SO many people loves me; it's SO exhausting:)

Top to bottom: 1-3 I have taken morning walks around my home town. Mostly around an area called Gustafsberg. 4:) Salong Coquette. My step mother (mother to my 3 little brothers)owned this hair salon,together with her sister, whom I looked up to as a child. My Coquette Journal is an homage to this cool woman. 5 Every single time I come home, I go through my storage in my mother's house. Found this issue of POP which I love. 6 Candy store. 7 Breakfast at my aunt's. 8&9 Food Food & more Food.10& 11 My grand mother has passed away and yesterday we all went up to her house to go through things. I took a long walk around that area (called Hedekas). I have spent so time up there with them, my grand father took me biking often. It was me & my grand father at all times:) I wanted to bring memories back of the best grand parents in the world. Afterwards we went to the church in that village.

Alice Solantania Saga

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