Sunday, October 28, 2012

Diary 183: My Weekend

It's been a very cold weekend. Friday I ended staying out for way long thanks to a Jeff:)! Exactly what I needed, to be out and have fun. Yesterday was a day full of planning at Franklins and finding inspirations. Still white white white.

Just found out my other grand mother died yesterday, Sadness. Both of my grandmother's are now gone and it all happened this October and all I can think of is that I want my grandfather back...!!? I am tired of this game.

Top to bottom: 1 This morning:) See the little thing having breakfast? 2&3 Yesterday's outfit which I call Saturday normal. Ida Sjostedt faux fur jacket, Cynthia Steffe top, H&M sunnies and Zara skirt. 4 That car...!!! Beautiful. The man driving did not flinch about the fact that I was out in the middle of the street taking photos. He must be used to it or something. Cool. 5 Me at Franklins planning away. I Love Rod. 6 Lovely Lovely Lee of East Dulwich Tavern and it's from my night out on Friday. 7 Inspirations.

OBSESSION NOW: How I Feel at the Moment:

"Tror du att vi kommer leva lyckliga i alla våra dar'?
Även om vi aldrig mer ses.

Händerna upp i luften.
Pannan mot baren, nu spränger vi taket.
Hamnar i himlen, där änglarna gråter.
Stan är vaken, allt är förlåtet älskling!
Händerna upp i luften.
Vi ska bli fulla, livet är meningslöst.
Vem bryr sig?
Natten är vacker, du är som natten.
Och jag är en vinnare igen." -J.BERG 

Alice Solantania Saga


jordansyed said...

so nice pics nice blog .

Alice Solantania Saga said...

Thank you:)!