Thursday, May 31, 2012

To Be Adored

A taste of what to come for Odalisque Magazine. Photographed and Styled by Linda Marina Portman featuring a Kathleen at mandpmodels.

"Som gör att han älskar dig
som gör att man älskar dig
som gör att jag älskar dig
Som gör att vi älskar dig"

"Som gör att man älskar dig
Som gör att man älskar dig
Som att jag älskar dig
Som gör att vi älskar dig"

Jag Ar Inte Radd For Morkret...(I Am Not Afraid of the Dark)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Me and Tim

One of my first loves of photographers was Timothy Nazzaro. He together with a Camilla created my first portfolio. Tim is a former assistant of Tim Walker and Terry Richardson. We created some of my absolute favorite works of mine. I revisited his website yesterday and saw some photos of ours he must have recently fallen in love with again:) So happy to see that. The dancer shoot was our first collaboration. It was a starting point for so many more lovely days of creating together.

 Timothy Nazzaro

All styled by me.

 X Linda Portman

Today's Garden Outfit

Yes that is my garden in the background:) today is a Jill Stuart dress and Top Shop sunnies. Sunny Sunny! Coffee Time now (see?) X Alice

Monday, May 28, 2012

Diary 163: An Odalisque Week Part 2

  STOCKHOLM:)!!! I had the best best best time. Sandra, Michaela, Marie, Anna, Klokie, Tony, Meghan....Merci.

Top to bottom: 1 Food shopping at Ostermalmshallen. 2 In the middle of the city which is full of flowers right now. 3 Sweden means Candy. 4-10 Odalisque's boat ride through all of Djurgarden to Fjaderholmarna. Round and around. I am obsessed by Djurgarden! Every morning while I am in Stockholm here is where you'd find me. Such Beauty. 11-13 After all day on the boat with food and tons of wine we headed to Tony's apartment for me to borrow a lovely butterfly fruit dress (from our lovely assistant Anna) before heading out. Did not want to part with the dress afterwards haha.  Yes it's me on the floor...who took this picture??? Typical me....don't like standing for too long:) 14-17 Last day and last morning full of Djurgarden beauty.

And I Am In Love Again with KENT.

"Jag är beredd, låt dom komma nu
Jag är här, låt dom komma nu
Jag är grym som en grekisk gud bara grymt mycket fulare
Låt dom komma nu, det handlar bara om tur tillslut
Låt dom komma nu

Får man någonsin dom roller man vill ha
Vi ställer upp på led i någon annans uniform
Det är så svårt att säga nej att stå emot"
-Kent from their new album Jag Ar Inte Radd For Morkret and the song Jag Ar Beredd.



Diary 162: An Odalisque Week Part 1

It's been all about Odalisque where I am the Fashion Director. Last Monday I shot lovely Kathleen wearing mostly clothing by To Be Adored for an Odalisque feature on her. Tuesday i worked with wonder Marie-Fleur Charelsworth where I styled the girl Tenenbaums style:). Such a stunning day that was. Thursday it was off for Stockholm to meet team Odalisque and to enjoy Sweden. Summer is here:).

Top to bottom: 1&2 My iphone photos of Kathleen. The polaroids of this story is what is to be published. 3-6 My Royal Tenenbaums day. 7 me by my work table wearing a Rebecca Taylor dress and off for a date:). 8 London's Piccadilly Circus. 9 Now I have come to Stockholm. The flowers are from the department store NK. 10 I met my cute friend Hanna of Hanna Liska PR for lots of wine. 11 Friday morning and my love Djurgarden. 12 &13 Meeting with team Odalisque.

Have an Adorable Day Lovely People.

Hello Sunny London!

Juicy Couture frilly dress, Top Shop sunnies, hand made sandals from Spain and the fabric H&M bag is from a press appointment.

Such an amazing day:) X Alice

Friday, May 25, 2012

Stockholm's Djurgarden

My astonishingly beautiful morning! Off for a Sandra Myhrberg and team. X

Thursday, May 24, 2012

An afternoon in Stockholm

So Happy!!! A looooong afternoon evening with my Hanna with a surprise visit of team Odalisque:). These are tiny snaps. Sunny Stockholm I am promised.x