Friday, January 25, 2013

Inspiration Friday is Mademoiselle Ellen Rogers

This talented young lady, Ellen Jane Rogers, is a very dear friend of mine. I love her.

I Adore these images. Especially the last image which Lovely Ellen gave me printed out and framed.


Artist wise, she has influence my own work tremendously; me just watching her. She knows Exactly what she wants before a shoot & she always gets it. One time it was so cold to do a whole shoot outside here in my garden, so she thought we could shoot inside my house...I was just like NO:):) Obviously she got her way... and the images she took in here are Amazing (story to be seen HERE). Noone would be able to  see that they were taken in here in my tiny little studio. She works miracles.

We have done some work together (you can view a couple of them here, here & here). All images here though she has created with other stylists/ teams. A while ago I created an interview with her for Alice in Wonderland wich can be read HERE.

Enjoy This For Your Weekend.

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Much Love
Linda Marina Portman

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