Saturday, January 26, 2013

Today I Was A Flowery Swinging 60's Aristocrat Thanks to Sow's Ear

or....A Flowery Little House on the Prairie as my Dulwich friend Paul called me:)

Today was the first day in a long time that I acutally dressed's been SO cold and I have felt Exhausted.

What did cheer me up was this dress from Mari's label Sow's Ear:) I have felt beautiful today for the first time in a while. Thank you Mari!

I asked Mari to give me a background to her label; how & why she started it. She gave me this:):


"Sow's Ear happened because normal clothes bore me to tears. When I see a garment made from pleasing fabric, but  a painfully unflattering shape, I feel compelled to take the scissors to it and liberate it from it's prison of uglydowdypinchyitchytootightness. And for the time that I am cutting it up, the world could end and I wouldn't give a fig. I revert to being the 3 year old pulling eggshells out of the bin and crushing them in my hands cos I liked the texture. Clothes are friends who you want to hang out with cos they make you smile, keep you warm, allow you to edit the awfulshamefulcringey bits of who you are. They let others see flickers of your soul, your frame of reference. I spent at least 2 years in my twenties wearing one pair of postman's dungarees. I couldn't seem to leave the house without them on, even staying in crying when they were in the washing machine, rather than go to the pub in something else, something that might show something of me that I didn't want to be seen.
So really, when I make something, I am allowing part of my internal landscape to be realised. I don't try to force the fabric to do something. I let it do what it wants to. If I try to impose my will on it, my mojo goes out the window and I hate whatever monster I create. But if I follow the meditative purpose of " No Me" then after a while I see that I have made something that I want to wear, that makes me feel like me. Ludicrous that I have to sneak up on my own creativity, but if it works"
I Love This Spirit of Mari:) More info on her is to be read HERE.

I am wearing a dress by Sow's Ear, Darimeya flowery top with Peter Pan collar and Mary Janes by Office.

Alice Solantania Saga

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