Thursday, May 02, 2013

A Beautiful Thursday

I have had a wonderful wonderful day. I spent it with a dear friend, Matthew, whom too has a new very cool car, a vintage Ford. We went to Spitalfields Market to check if  my "new" polaroid camera was working and IT DOES:)) Hallelujah. We also went to a huge art store (the biggest one in Europe) off Brick Lane and then to a vintage shop where my friend usually works (my darling Jenny) and found a dress, we'll see if it is for my closet soon;)

I can Highly recommend Spitalfields Market on Thursday's since it is the "real" antique market going on then. Such Inspirations. 

Started the day with my usual morning walk and to come back home to my garden which is spring stunning at the moment makes me So Happy. Now I have just created my tiny collage iPad style for the day, FLOWER POWER= YES.

Stay Beautiful Lovely Readers. And Thank You M. For a Lovely Day.

Alice Solantania Saga

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