Friday, May 03, 2013

Låt Dom Komma Nu

And Let The Right One In! HA.

How I Feel At The Moment

"Det är så svårt att säga nej att stå emot
Men jag är lugn och karg jag är bortom all kontroll
Jag är beredd
Bara låt dom komma nu
Jag är här, låt dom komma nu
Jag är grym som en grekisk gud
bara grymt mycket fulare
Låt dom komma nu
det handlar bara om tur till slut
Så låt dom komma nu"

- Lat Dom Komma by J.Berg & M.Skold for KENT

Today's Outfit:
Screaming Mimi's dress full of flowers
Grandma's heart & shoes

Sidenote: I was born a Jacobsson! And last night we lost one of us. A very special special lady called Marta. She was my grandma's big sister and they were very close so I knew Marta very well. The kindest person there has ever been. Such a sad day in the middle of all this sunshine. She got to be 88 and got 3 beautiful children & did have a lovely husband.

To All My Lovely Readers: Take Care of Yourselves Always & Feed Your Brains.

Now I Will enjoy the sunshine & have beautiful thoughts.

Alice Solantania Saga

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