Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Lovely Lovely Thursday in Dulwich

Wearing my new dress for the first time and I feel Pretty;)

Created a long walk today and even went to the gym, I can not stop running now when I am finally healthy. Blueberry breakfast. Then went to Franklins Farm Shop for an apple where the adorable Ella works, her partner in crime Daniel is too a lovely addition whom too happens to star in the Crunchy Nut Kellogg's Alien & Dinosaur commercials:))) Yes he does wear my sunnies:))) Met my friend Eric at Franklins whom happens to have the coolest art materials.

Top to bottom: 1 ME:) in my new dress from The Shop (where my friend Jenny works) off Brick Lane. A Laura Ashley one from the early 80's. 2 Detail of today. Skulls & Flowers. 3 Clockwise from top left: breakfast time. quirkyness in Dulwich as seen this morning. FREEDOM. Eric's colored pencils from early 80's. The pair:))) Ella & Daniel at Franklins Farm Shop.


And let's hope I get to see the Chelsea Flower show tomorrow:)

Alice Solantania Saga

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